The first faculty of education and training aimed at meeting high-level manpower transportation in Turkish Maritime Transport was opened on December 5, 1884, "Leyli Merchant Captain School" as a boarding special part of the Naval Academy in Istanbul/Heybeliada.Its establishment, which was closed after graduating in 1908, was established in 1909 by Çarkçıbaşı Hamit Naci Özdeş in Istanbul/Azapkapı, consisting of Deck and Machinery Departments for 4 years after private daytime and secondary education. Reopened under the name "School".

The school first moved to Yüksekkaldırım, İstanbul, then to İstanbul/Azapkapı, its first location, and then to Paşalimanı in Üsküdar, İstanbul in 1913. The school, which was moved to Fer'iye Palace in Istanbul/Ortaköy in 1927 and nationalized as "Âli Deniz Ticaret Mektebi" in 1928, was attached to the Ministry of Economy. reorganized as an educational institution.

The school, which was turned into a boarding school in 1930, was named "Higher Maritime Trade School" in 1934 and the education period of the higher unit departments was increased to 3 years.

The High School Departments of the High Maritime Trade School, which was attached to the Ministry of Transport in 1939, were closed in 1945. With the Law No. 4915 on June 3, 1946, its name was changed to "High Maritime School" and reorganized, and it was transformed into a higher education institution consisting of Deck and Machinery Departments for 4 years, which are also affiliated to the Ministry of Transport.

It was included in the Naval Forces Command with the law numbered 2507 on August 18, 1981 and moved to Istanbul-Tuzla, where it is located, and its name was changed to "Maritime College" and its education structure was reorganized. ITU Maritime Faculty was established on July 3, 1992 with the law numbered 2809. ITÜMF is one of the youngest faculty in İTU and was founded in 1992. Maritime Faculty is continuation of High Maritime School which was founded in 1884. Maritime Faculty maintains education activities on Bsc/Msc/Phd levels in 52 independent buildings on a 70.000 m2 residential area where has a 400 m length Marmara Sea coast line.